Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Finally, a new post

So, I've been busy lately. All 3 boys have had pnuemonia, and I've had a ton of stuff going on. With Election Day right around the corner, here is a clip for your consideration. This is a "Man on the Street" type interview, done by the Howard Stern show. now, i don't listen to Howard, but I saw this clip on Reepicheep. It's staggers the mind that the people interviewed are blindly supporting Obama, and have absolutely NO IDEA what he stands for. In fact, the interviewer asks them questions about Obama, and puts McCain's platform positions in the questions, and they don't even realize that they are McCain's ideals. Listen to this...


Liz said...

Jeff you're comment on my blog made me really smile...Thank you! Actually...I was 22!!!! (I'll pay you the $20 on Sunday) HA!!!

Farm Fresh Jessica said...

That is UNBELIEVABLE. but really it's not. People are ignorant.

And Stern still has really bad hair.

Congratulations on your new little passenger on the crazy bus!