Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Where have I been???

Sorry to all 3 of you who check this blog regularly...

The past month has been a little hectic, and I haven't had much time to blog. Here is a quick update of things at our house:

1) The Christmas Tree is up
2) We now have FOUR deer in the freezer, and a quarter of a cow...
3) Thanksgiving was great!
4) I'm starting my Master's Degree in Music Education in January
5) I'm currently in the middle of concert week (3 concerts in 8 days)
6) God is Good. ALL the time!
7) We have decided to live a debt-free life (more details to come later)
8) We have canceled our credit cards. Yay!
9) Pellet stove is great!
10) Danielle is the best wife ever!

There you have it!


Jen said...

Good to hear from you :) Hope Danielle is feeling well!

We've been on the aiming to live a debt-free for a while now - a huge reason we moved - we never would have dug out living there! Just O's asthma medicine alone was $300/month! Yikes! We've tripped up along the way, but thankfully nothing that can't be undone (selling Owen's car and buying a reliable one with cash). Anyway, a great resource for us has been Dave Ramsey! Also, hanging out with like-minded friends helps, because when everyone else is still going out to dinner, buying new clothes, etc., and you're not, it can be kind of tough!

Oh, and have Danielle (in all her free time ha!) get "The Tightwad Gazette" (there are 3 issues) from the library - so inspiring! Two huge things I learned that have proved to work are - keeping the heat down (we keep it at 64 24/7), and air drying our clothes - also, we are cloth diapering now - I could go on and on!

Sorry to write a book, but this kind of thing (finances, getting out of debt, saving money) actually excites us!

Say hello to Danielle for me!

Jen said...

Oh, want to save a bundle on your groceries? Grocery shop at Aldis (there's one in Middletown) - the only things I don't buy from there are meat and produce - actually I do buy frozen turkey and chicken breasts - BUT you don't have to worry about that anyway with all that meat - so cool!

danielle said...

Hey Jen! It's danielle! Aldi's huh? cheaper than the super walmart? oooh! Where do you get your cloth diapers from?

danielle said...

Thanks Jeff! You are the best hubby ever, too! :)

Jean C. said...

Great to hear from you again Jeff!
Thanks for the update!

Jen said...

Oh yes, Aldi's is cheaper than Walmart (although the large apple juices are cheaper at Walmart).

I've purchased cloth diapers online - there is an overwhelming amount of information - too much! Since the goal is to save us money, not save the earth, I went for what's cheaper, but works (its pointless to just have leaks all the time!!!) I went for indian prefolds, and dappi diaper covers - I've already purchased a bunch of covers for our new little girl, but I need to buy prefolds (although I've heard you can buy washcloths for when they are teeny tiny) -

How did your Dad make out in the storm? Church is cancelled today, and we lost power all Thursday night and it came back, thankfully, Fri. at 3 p.m. So many people are still without power! O's school was closed on Friday because they didn't have power, and as of now, Sun. morning, they still don't, so maybe another day off! We'll see!

Have a blessed CHRISTmas!