Friday, April 11, 2008

Random stuff...

I've been banished to the virtual garage!
When I walked in the door, the boys told me I had to go downstairs and not come up until they said so. As I walked down, I caught a glimpse of a chocolate cake getting frosted (my birthday is tomorrow)! I better be good and stay down here for a while...

So, while I'm waiting, here are a couple of pictures of the boys doing what they like to do.

We sometimes refer to Ryan as "Rand McNally". Here's why:
Yes, he's reading a road atlas. This is his "recreational" reading! He also loves to read a huge world atlas that we have. He knows all 50 states, and their capitals. He knows a bunch of different countries. This boy is unbelievably smart! God is going to use him someday! And, lest you think that we push him to learn this stuff, think again. He discovered these books on his own. He has declared that he wants to travel. He's very excited to try out our new/used pop up camper this summer. Unfortunately, he hasn't fully grasped the idea that you can't go to Tennessee, Oregon, and Texas over a weekend!

Now here's Kevin...
Kevin loves to fix things! Whenever I'm in the basement or the garage working on stuff, he is always right there with me, "helping" out where he can. Tonight, he decided his dresser needed fixing, so he grabbed his toolbox, donned his hard hat and goggles, and set off to fixing it. He even drew plans as a guide. Kevin is becoming such a little man. He is definitely going to be the class clown when he's older, yet, he is our "thinker". He ponders things. When he is in clown mode, he can make you laugh all day, but when he has nothing to say, he'll just sit and think.

And then there's Sean...
Sean is one tough 20 month old! He has to be to keep up with his brothers. It's going to be interesting to see how Sean's personality develops over the next couple of years. He is, by far, our most tenacious kid. What Sean wants, Sean tries to get at all costs. We frequently hear one of the older boys saying, "Mommy/Daddy, Sean's hitting me!". And woe to the older brother who tries to take a toy from Sean! We sometimes, lovingly, refer to him as "Seanzilla". No explaination needed...
Well, what started as a post about random stuff has turned into all about my kids. That's OK, they're fun to write about!
In other news, I had a root canal on wednesday! Woo-hoo!!
Next post will be an update on what projects I've started...stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Jeff, great pictures, love the stories about the kids. They are fun. Sorry about your Devils but Rangers are 2 and 0 against them. Devils can't win in five.

Rangers in four!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday, Enjoy the Cake!!!!


Pop C said...

Smart - talented kids!
And, happy birthday Jeff!
Love, Dad (for Mom too)