Sunday, March 23, 2008

Heat, Sweet Heat

I hate spending money. Really hate it. Especially on heating oil.

The last time I got 200 gallons delivered, it cost me upwards of $700 dollars. So far, I've gotten 2 oil deliveries this winter. I hate spending money.

God knows our limitations and He provides!

So, when a guy from church offered me a 2 year old wood pellet burning stove for next to nothing, it didn't take long for me to say yes. Especially when I only had a 1/4 of a tank of oil left, and was facing another oil delivery in the near future.

Here it is three weeks later, and we are lovin' the stove! I set it up in the family room downstairs. I was dreading buying pipes for the exhaust, since, you know, I hate spending money. Well, God provides again! I went to Home Depot, and found, on clearance, exactly what I needed. For all the stuff I got, the regular price would have been around $75 -$80. Clearance price, $20. Sweet!

It took a few days to figure out which setting the stove had to be on and which doors in the house had to be opened or closed to distribute the heat through the whole house. I think we got it.
I had pictures to post, but for some reason, they won't post.
One of the pictures is of our thermostat. It's reading 70, but the system switch is OFF.
One ton of wood pellets costs $239 at Tractor Supply. Let's say we go crazy and burn 4 tons over the course of the winter. OK, that's $956. If I fill the oil tank 3 times at this year's oil prices, that puts us up around $2100. It wasn't really a hard decision. I hate spending money.


Sheeran said...

Money. yes, money. I don't think any one of us wants to spend it on something annoyingly necessary, like heat. We have gas heating out here in Illinois, and from october through april it costs around $200-$250 per month. We have a fireplace...a gas one, so no huge help there. Good work on the stove, and in the summer, maybe someone will be giving away a huge block of ice and a fan.

Anonymous said...


I too hate spending money. We installed a pellet stove a couple of years ago. It heats almost the entire house. The only problem I have is storing the three tons of pellets that I buy every year. I loose my half my garage from September to April. Its either the pellet stove of Electic baseboard heat. Dave S.