Monday, March 24, 2008

Possible Spring projects, post 1 of ??

So today I was outside building a couple of set pieces for the show at school. Being out in the fresh air, hearing the sound of my circular saw, and smelling the fresh cut pine made me start to think about this year's big projects. Here's a list of possibilities:

1) New garage roof - Last year my dad and I ripped out the old roof and put on a new one on the back part of the garage. The old roof had 3 skylights. Well, I should say, the roof had 3 spots that had rotted through. This year the rest of the garage needs new shingles, and possibly new wood on one section. The one side of the garage roof is covered with a bed of moss from all the tree branches that rested on the roof for who know how long before we moved in (see #4 below). It was these tree branches that caused the 3 skylights.

2) Stain the side deck - We have a large deck on the front of the house and a smaller deck on the side. Last year I stained the older front deck with solid stain. Cape Cod Gray with white railings. The side deck is only about 2 years old, and last year I had to put railings on part of it (the previous owner never finished it). Since the wood was green, I had to let it dry out before I could stain it. So now it's the side deck's turn to get stained.

3) Possibly connect the two decks - It shouldn't be too difficult (famous last words). We'll see.

4) Various landscaping - The previous owner paid someone to mow the grass every two weeks. And that was it. When we moved in a year and a half ago, the outskirts of the yard were a wreck. 8 foot tall pricker bushes with huge trunks, overgrown nasty bushes, pushed out rock walls, garden beds full of weeds & empty beer cans (prev owner was a hip bachelor!), burned out bottle rockets, and all kinds of nastiness. Spent last spring/summer clearing & rebuilding, plan to do more of the same this spring/summer.

So, what are your project plans for this year??


Sheeran said...

Various landscaping, previous owner thought a tall grass combover was perfect for the front picure window, probably new roof, remove various rodents from yard (moles and giant nest of squirrels 30 ft high in tree), new doors and trim inside, paint to go with that, and look into expanding master closet. You know, just the basics...most of which will likely look great on paper.

Pop C said...

Nice blog...great name too!