Friday, March 28, 2008

Really cool videos!

One of my favorite things to see or hear is a really good drummer. Not a rock & roll, smash the cymbals, play as loud as you can drummer, but a really good, well trained drummer who can play a drum set with the same finesse as a classical pianist.

Here are two great drum battles to give you a taste of real drumming.

The first is a great video of 3 fantastic drummers from years ago, Lionel Hampton, Don Lamond, and Louis Bellson having a good old fashioned drum-off. Watching them seemlessly go from one guy to the next on a single tom to playing on their respective sets is a sight to behold!

The second is a battle from the Johnny Carson show between Ed Shaughnessy (of Johnny's band) and Buddy Rich. Buddy's turn at about 3 minutes into the video is phenominal! Watch how his left hand crosses over & under his right. Great stuff! Enjoy!

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Pop C said...

WoW...that's my kind of drumming!
I'll have t search and see if one of my childhood drummer friends ever recorded anything...Johnny Tedeschy (sp?) of Livingston, NJ. His brother Frank played with Richard and the Young Lions who I believe went on somewhat professionally. Nice post Jeff! Dad