Monday, May 19, 2008

Get ready to hunt!

September may still be 4 months away, but it's never too early to get ready for Fall Bow season!!

I usually partake of 2 hunting seasons - fall/winter bow (deer) and spring turkey. This year, I wasn't able to go for turkey, so I had to live vicariously through my new friend, Tony in Kansas. He shot a nice turkey today. Here's his story of the Tom.

So, anyway, since I couldn't go for turkeys, I figured I'd get a jump start on getting my bow ready for deer season. I have an old Hoyt bow. I'm not sure just how old it is because somebody gave it to me a few years back. The draw weight is adjustable from 70 - 80 pounds, I have it cranked up to 80. Yeah, baby! The arrows smoke off of the string! I haven't done a whole lot to change the bow because it was in great shooting condition when I got it, and the guy who gave it to me also gave me about 20 arrows to go with it. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

This year, I've decided to play with it a little. Normally, I wouldn't spend the money on something that wasn't totally necessary (I hate spending money!), but since President Bush saw it fit to give us some money to stimulate the economy with, I feel it is my duty as a good American to do my part to (mildly) stimulate! So far, I've changed the arrow rest to a drop-away rest, and I got a new release. OK, the release I didn't buy. My old one broke, and my neighbor, Randy, who's a competitive bow shooter gave me one of the dozen or so that he has. It's a really nice Scott release that has a hair trigger on it. Thanks Randy!

That's it as far as the bow goes. Now, on to the arrows. Since I got my stimulus check, this is the year that I'm changing to carbon arrows. Also, I'm going to start using Quick Spin fletching. The fletching are the "feathers" on the back of the arrows. Quick Spin fletching has little ridges on each piece that causes the arrows to spin faster, causing greater accuracy and tighter shot groups. I can't wait to get them! All of this for the sake of the pursuit of sweet venison to feed my family!

Well, that's it for me. I hope all 3 of my readers enjoyed reading my hunting preparations! Hopefully I'll have some good stories come the fall. I have a really good hunting story that I told some people I'd post. I'll do that this week. Have a good night!


Reepicheep said...

Now that I got my tom, I need to get my bow back out. Your post has convicted me in this area...

You are a man of men if you shoot at 80 pounds. What do you hunt in NJ, Tyranasaurs? Good grief...that's a lot of weight. I'm happy with my whimply 66# .

Bill said...

Those turkeys haven't got a chance!

Dave s said...

Sounds to me that you have a passion for bow hunting. Go get'em. But 80 pounds? You must be a heh man!!!!