Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!!

I have 3 special ladies to say Happy Mothers Day to. (IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER!!)

1) My mom, Jean. Mom, thanks for raising me right! Thank you for teaching me how to cook! Thanks for washing my mouth with soap on those rare occaisions you caught me swearing! :) Thank you for band-aids, back scratches, comfort when I was sick, taking us to Roy Rogers on Friday nights (hamburger, french fries, and coke!), thank you for all your advice on planting, cooking, parenting, or anything else that I needed help with. Thank you for being "Grandma!" Thank you for a woman's perspective during my courtship of Danielle! Oh, and, I'm really sorry about the time in the car when we were little and we made you so angry, you used that bad word at us!! I'm glad we can laugh about it now! I love you! one more thing, thanks for helping me in the kitchen on Christmas Eve with "the cooking incident".

2) My mother in law, Diana. Mom, thank you most of all for treating me like your own son! Thank you for answering the phone late at night when we need your nursing background to help treat a sick child! Thank you for always encouraging Danielle and I when we need it! Thank you for your amazing Iced Tea! Thank you for being a wonderful grandmother! Oh, and thank you for saying "yes" when I asked your permission to propose to Danielle!

3) Finally, my wife, Danielle! Happy Mothers Day baby! I will never begin to understand and fully appreciate every little thing that you do for our family on a daily basis! From the minute you get up to the minute you fall asleep at night, you are on the go taking care of our family. You are a never ending source of encouragement to me. I don't know how you do it every day. Thank you for saying "Yes" on June 5, 1997, next to the waterfall at my parents' house! Our boys are so blessed to have you as their Mommy. Even when they are cranky in the morning, they still "Rise up and call you blessed", whether you realize it or not! :)
The most fun I have is watching you with our boys, tickling them, changing them, reading to them, and just being a fantastic Mom! You're the greatest!! Oh, and, by the way, you're doing a great job handling the "boy" stuff like bats, bugs, spiders, peeing on trees, mud, etc. What a woman! You are truly a blessing from God to me!


danielle said...

Thank You Jeff. That made my night! At least I had two brothers growing up, so I think that helps with the peeing on trees, and small icky-type animals/bugs,etc. Although, I never was able to keep from screaming with those camel crickets around! sorry.

Bill said...

That's very nice Jeff. You deserve these 3 wonderful women. They each love you very much in their own way. Thanks for the way you showed them your appreciation the other night with dinner. They're blessed to have you for a son, son-in-law, and husband! Proudly and thankful, Dad

Jean C. said...

You are welcome my dear son and thank you for such a fine tribute. I am a blessed woman indeed. Thank you for cooking such a wonderful dinner for all of us moms this weekend. You are an amazing man and a wonderful son!
Mom C.

Liz said...

Very Sweet Jeff - Liz