Thursday, May 1, 2008

My first transmission repair job

I've slowly been learning how to do different repair jobs on our vehicles. So when our Jeep's rear wheels weren't turning, I couldn't resist the challenge. It has rear wheel drive, but only one wheel was spinning. So, I put the Jeep up on blocks, and went to work. After much effort and sweat, I was able to get into the rear drive, and figured out the problem...a loose connection. Once I fixed that, a new problem reared its very ugly head. When I'd put it into "Drive", it would go in reverse, and vice versa. What was I to do? I decided it was time for an overhaul, so I took apart the gear assembly. It turns out 2 wires were reversed. So I switched them. Complicated procedure? Nay! Here's the proof...

The wires that plug into these were reversed.

After I plugged them in, it still wasn't working right. The shifter wasn't going into reverse, so I had to take the whole box apart. I was afraid of what I'd find in there. I've never been one for doing electrical stuff, so imagine my relief when I opened the box and found this...
The grey lever is the shifter. The jeep has 3 settings, Low, High, and reverse. When you shift the lever, it slides over these 2 switches which change the direction and speed of the motors. So, all I had to do was flip a switch and put it all back together to cause happiness in all the land!
I love fixing things for the boys!

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Bill C said...

You are your boys hero!
How great is that!!
What great pictures of them driving away sooo happy!!!
Dad C