Thursday, June 12, 2008

Some music for a Thursday night...

In an effort to keep all 3 of my readers from jumping ship, here's a new post...

One of my favorite styles of music is vocal jazz. If you recall, I posted a great video of Kurt Elling here. One of the coolest things is an a capella jazz tune. (a capella - voices only with no instrumental accompaniment)

The New York Voices are a group that I've listened to over the past few years. I've had the chance to meet them, and they are as friendly and down-to-earth as they are talented. Here's a short clip of them singing part of "Almost Like Being in Love"

Man, they are good! So here's my "meeting NYV" story. Danielle & I went to NJPAC to hear the NJ All State Jazz concert back while I was still in college. Darmon Meader (one of the NYV) was the guest conductor, so New York Voices were special guests performers. One of my favorite professors, Dr. Kunkel, was one of the organizers, and after the show, he said, "Come with me". So back we went. To the Dressing Room. Just me, Dr. K, and the New York Voices. So we were talking to them for a few minutes, when one of them asked if I'd mind holding their video camera and taping them while they recorded a message for a friend who was (I think) very sick or in the hospital. So, I'm holding the camera, like 10 feet away from them, and they start singing one of my favorite songs, "I'll Be Seeing You". Here's the song (not the one I recorded):

That was probably one of the coolest musical experiences I've ever had.

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Jean C. said...

Hey Jeff! Thanks for the Jazz moment! I really enjoyed it.