Saturday, June 28, 2008

Things you don't have to teach boys...

I know, I know, it's been 8 days since I blogged last. You all must be holding your breath in anticipation.

This past winter, my mother in law gave us bikes for the older 2 boys. They've been waiting all winter to ride them, so recently, we got the training wheels, helmets & pads, and started riding. So far they are doing very well. #1 is still a little wobbly on his, but #2 is taking right off.

So the other day, we went out for a walk/ride and when we got back, we parked the bikes on the grass. About a minute later, I hear, "Daddy, look!!". And this is what I saw: (Mom, I promise, I didn't teach them this...)

"Look, Ma, no hands!!"
Ok, so I told him to stick his tongue out on this one...
I have no idea where they got the idea to do that! I guess I'll have to start showing them some BMX videos on YouTube or something!


Bill said...

Yes, we've been waiting for a post.
This is great!
Move over Evel Knevel.
Here's the Blessed Biker Brothers!
(Wait 'til #3 moves up into this!)

Jean C. said...

I can finally breathe! Thanks!
I just love it! They look so adorable. When my little boys were dare devils they didn't wear pads and helmets! This way is much better!