Monday, August 11, 2008


I gave the boys haircuts today. Nice short ones for our trip to the shore (more on that later).

I couldn't resist posting these pictures. Here's Sean before...
And here he is after. Who does he look like??

This haircut totally changed the way he looks! The after pictures are right after a bath, so his hair is combed down, but he went from looking like a toddler to a little boy in 5 minutes! Don't worry, it's the same length as his last haircut, so the curls will be back! (hopefully...)

In other news, we're leaving tomorrow morning to go down the shore for 4 days. Danielle's family has been renting the same house on LBI for years, so we're heading down there with Mom, Aunt Val, Mike, and whoever else decides to come! See you on Saturday!!


Jen said...

I think you mixed up some pictures and put some Ryan pictures in as the after ones - wow! Have fun!

Bill said...

Too cute...I can't stand it!
Pic #3 especially looks like Ryan.
Nice haircut Bud!

Jean C said...

What a handsome little guy!