Sunday, August 31, 2008


To bring you up to date...

My beautiful bride tested positive for Lyme's Disease a while back, went on antibiotics for a month, and now seems to be doing fine! Thank the Lord!

Ryan has been complaining of soreness for a while, so we took him to the Dr. for a Lyme's test. Yesterday, the Dr. called, and the test was negative! Thank the Lord! Read about his ordeal here.

Then, Friday night, we saw a tiny spot on Sean. Yep, a tick. A deer tick to be exact. They're the ones that carry all kinds of nastiness. Usually when we find a tick on the boys (which seems to be fairly often), we just pull it out. This one, however, was totally embedded in his chunky thigh, and I couldn't get it out. So, Saturday morning, my beautiful bride took him to the Dr., where they had to hold him down and dig it out. Read about that ordeal here.

That's the news here!

So, as a word of advice, check your kids for ticks. And, husbands & wives check each other for ticks. Often. even if you don't need it just to be sure. Here's a public service announcement about tick checking...

Click here to watch it.

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Bill said...

Thank you Lord for the clean bill of health for Mommy & Ryan. Praying for Seannie now too! Dad C