Thursday, August 28, 2008

Throat-Singing Thursday!

DO NOT LEAVE THIS PAGE WITHOUT WATCHING THESE VIDEOS!! There are some videos that will change your life. These will not. But, you just have to watch them anyway, or at least just watch 2 minutes of each. It's only 6 minutes total. What's 6 minutes among friends?

Ok, you might think I'm weird, but that's alright. i'm in the middle of preparing lessons for school, and I've been researching some different styles of "world" music.

This is Tuvan Throat Singing. Tuva is a small republic, part of the Russian Federation, just north of Mongolia. They have a type of singing called Throat Singing. It's kind of a vague term, but it's a singing style that uses the muscles of the voice to create overtones. Throat singers can sing multiple notes at the same time using the overtones produced in their voices, as well as the shape of their mouths to create other sounds.

1st - "Sygyt" - A throat singing style that creates kind of a whistling sound in the voice...

2nd - Kargyraa - A low "Growling" sound combined with vocal shaping to create some cool sounds.

3rd (This is the best one in my opinion...) A guy who uses Kargyraa along with some seriously high falsetto in the second verse of the song. Wow, what a range! I have absolutely NO IDEA what he's singing about, but it's really quite a moving song. The best part is at 4:37 into the song, he starts playing what can only be described as ancient Mongolian heavy metal.

Now, don't you feel better having watched those??


The Crazy Bus said...

Jeff, I watched this and the boys were looking on. I think they thought the men were ill.

Jean said...

Wow! What amazing sounds. I am most impressed with the whistling sound along with the 'voice' sound in the Sygyt style. But I really like the instrumental sound of the 'Mongolian Heavy Metal'. Thanks Teach!