Sunday, September 14, 2008

Ryan's first ER trip...

There was an incident yesterday.

Let's just say an accidentally flying toy (not intended to fly) met Ryan's forehead. The cut wasn't all that big, but since it was on his forehead, and it wasn't staying closed, we decided that Daddy and Ryan should talke a ride to the local hospital to have it checked out.

The cut was small, but it was "Deep and Wide" (who remembers that Sunday School song?) so the Dr. gave me a choice - either Steri-strips or stitches. The drawback to the Steri-strips, said the Dr., are that they cannot get wet at all, and that Ryan would have to "take it easy" for 4 days. Well, let's see...

So, I opted for the stitches.

Ryan, needless to say, was not happy AT ALL with the prospect of needle & thread going through his forehead, but after 2 lollipops from the nurse and the promise of any dinner & dessert he wanted from Daddy, he agreed to let the Dr. sew him up.

The worse parts of the whole ordeal were:

1) Waiting for about an hour and a half in the ER, during which Ryan would periodically start crying, "I don't want stitches..."

2) The shot of Novocaine (SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEAM!)

3) The nurse who decided it would be a good idea to basically lay on top of Ryan even though he was already holding still. He was doing so well, until he felt trapped underneath this woman. (SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEAM!)

The best parts of the whole ordeal:

1) Quality time with Daddy. Yes, not the most ideal quality time setting, but, still, we had some good bonding time.

2) Friendly's for dinner, and Dairy Queen for Dessert.

3) The ER doctor who was the greatest thing in the world for Ryan. He explained everything to Ryan, and told him what was going to hurt (the shot), and what wasn't going to hurt (everything after the shot). He was totally honest with Ryan, talked him through the whole thing. Ryan trusted him completely, and was willing to do anything the Dr. asked. Thank you Dr. with the last name I can't remember. I do remember it had an "X" in it somewhere...

Today, Ryan is feeling much better, and enjoyed showing off his head in church. Lots of attention, which is right up his alley!


Bill said...

What a big boy he is.
And what a great Daddy!

Dave said...

Ryan loved the bandaid. You wore it well. I am sorry that you had to go through all that. Hopefully that will be the last time you need stiches. Jeff your a great Dad. I never got Ice cream or dinner out. Must have been at the hospital way to may times.

A. Joyce said...

Glad all is well and yes, I do remember "Deep and Wide"!