Saturday, September 20, 2008

The venison wagon has arrived!!


Today was an absolutely beautiful early fall day. Completely clear, blue sky, temps in the upper 40's early on, got into maybe the mid 60's later. I was out in the woods at 6:30 AM, set up in my tree for the first hunt of the season. As far as hunting days go, this was a great one. Lots of activity in the woods. I had 2 juvenile red tail hawks come gliding through the trees, and land on a limb about 20 yards from where I was sitting. It was great! Later on, one of them came back again, and buzzed right through the woods. I was amazed at how they can so easily navigate their way through the trees going so fast! My stand is set up on Pastor Rick's property, which is just bursting with wildlife!

At about 8ish, 3 does came in from my right. The spot where I was set up was on the top of a ridge on a well used path, about 30 yards beyond a fork in the path. I watched these 3 does work their way up the ridge towards me, but they decided to take the left fork. (I was on the right fork).

They passed about 15 yards away behind my tree, and I was not able to get around the tree with my bow to take a shot. So I enjoyed watching them take their time going by. The good thing was that they were not aware of me at all, so they'll be back again another day. I was pretty bummed about not having a shot, but I was still enjoying the day.

At about 8:45 AM, I thought I saw something. Across the path from me was a clearing in the trees, to the right of which is a big patch of bushes & stuff. Through all the bramble, sure enough, I saw part of a deer's face, maybe 40 yards away, walking straight towards me. By the time I turned and got my bow ready, these 2 does were already only 25 yards away. The bigger of the two actually stopped, looked in my direction, and kept coming. Good! She didn't see me!

I could see where they were heading, and it was a good place to be. The bushes opened up in to the clearing about 15-20 yards from my tree, and that's where they were going. No sooner did I draw back my Hoyt Supreme, loaded with my new Gold Tip 7595 with the Muzzy 125 grain broadhead leading the way, and the big doe came out into the clearing, and stopped right in front of me, perfectly broadside, just begging to be in my freezer. WHUMP!!

I saw the arrow hit home, and she jumped, and turn & ran back down the other side of this little ridge. So, I waited about 20 minutes, climbed down, got my arrow, and walked back to Rick's house. He brought the quad out, and we set out to track the deer. Wasn't too difficult to do. The Muzzy broadhead did it's job. She ran about 35 yards, and that was all she wrote. Great double lung shot. Once we got the deer back to my truck, Pastor Rick suggested we sing the Doxology in thanks to God for His Providence. So Rick, me, and our friend Dave, who was over to fix Rick's chainsaw, sang the Doxology, out in the clean fall air, giving praise to God, from Whom all blessings flow!

Thank you, Lord, for a beautiful day!


Reepicheep said...

Great story! Great Hunt. That's what it's all about! That's a big O doe!

danielle said...

Thanks for providing for us, Jeff. We love to eat venison! I Can't wait for the stew and chili, and the boys want those hot dogs!
We love you!

Dave said...

Great Story!!!! Thank you Lord for all of your provisions.

Jeff you look like a Kid in a Candy Store.

Jean C. said...

Great job. What a shot! You sure do look happy in that picture...and for good reason!

saltydiva said...

That's my nephew!! Great shot!! Sarah Palin would be proud. Good thing you had all that great equipment. Happy and thankful for your success.